Thursday, August 5, 2010

Divorced Dads and Child Support


In the current recession many dads are having a tough time paying child support because, let's face it,
things are tight. The cost of groceries, gas and other necessary things has gone up and in many cases
salaries haven't kept up with the increase of living expenses.It's hard for dads to manage on the same
amount of income and continue to pay child support.

Also, they have the additional expenses of buying food and paying for entertainment when the kids visit.
Finding things to do that fit in with the budget when the kids visit is a balancing act for dads whose
budget is already stretched to the max. These are some of the problems but there are solutions. When the
weather is not too hot or too cold, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are simple and cheap.

Let's look at a few suggestions:

*going to the park with favorite active toys and bicycles
*inviting friends over to play
*free community activities
*visiting free historical sites

One of the best resources that can help dads find enriching, inexpensive activities is the events section of
the local paper. There are many free events listed that can provide opportunities to spend quality time
together, easing the burden of dads who are having a tough time paying child support.

HERE is a resource that might be of great help to you if you are having a TOUGH TIME paying child support.

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