Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dads-How To Ask For A Child Support Reduction

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In some state courts the child support amount is always in effect unless it is modified, which would be tough for you as a dad unless you ask for a child support reduction. For a small fee you can file for a child support modification that will result in a formal hearing. It is in your best interests to file as soon as your income changes (it must be involuntary) and a child support order can be modified at any time after divorce. Then you can ask for a temporary and immediate relief from the original amount in your divorce decree. When back child support accumulates, you can be liable for civil contempt, suspension of drivers licensce, or interception of your income tax refunds.

Once you have filed for a child support reduction, the court will decide on what the new amount is and adjust it according to the date of filing. Keep in mind that you may accumulate some overages in the waiting time, but the ultimate outcome is the most important and crucial issue. The amount that you will pay in attorney's fees and court costs is minimal compared to the savings for you when you are having a tough time.

Once the modification has taken effect, it can reduce any tension that has built up between you and your former spouse. If your ex spouse is angry or upset about the child support reduction, you can suggest ways to cooperate financially that will help her with the kids' expenses. Here are a few suggestions:

*Offer to pay a portion of school supplies and clothing.
*Pay for prescription or doctors co-pays.
*Pay for sports outfits

These are some ideas that you can present to her that may soothe the tension and upset. Help her understand that it is in the best interest of all concerned and most importantly, temporary. Unless your ex spouse is a totally uncooperative and hostile person, you can both work together on a temporary reduction of child support if you can approach the situation in a business like, polite and respectful manner. Keep in mind that your children will benefit most when the two of you cooperate on this issue.

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